Holiday Gift Shopping Guide

Holiday Gift Shopping Guide

It is that time of year again to be filled with joy and cheer! Oh, and filling gifts under the Christmas tree. As the season of giving approaches, we are thrilled to present a curated Holiday Shopping Guide that will leave you the gift inspiration that you’re looking for! We will even make it one more step easier by linking the products! These products can be bought in-store or online – so no worries if you live in a different part of the U.S! You will find gifts For Plant Lovers, For Tea Lovers, For Everyone, as well as Stocking Stuffers! Feeling Stumped? No worries! We are here for you! 

For Plant Lovers:

Mossify Grow Light: All plants need sunlight! Some more than others. This LED grow light has an automatic timer to fit your indoor house plants needs. Furthermore, the height and brightness are adjustable. This LED Mossify Grow Light is a need for any plant parent! 
Moss Amigo: Minimal effort required! All our Moss Amigos are hardy, easy to maintain, and perfect for busy lifestyles. Some chilled tap water and a shady spot is all it takes to make a moss amigo happy! Each new Amigo comes with a durable glass container, a supple cork lid and stones of your choice. These easy friends need their water changed once a month and they grow 1 centimeter a year!
Terrarium Kit: Create your own little world with this easy to follow kit. Minimal green thumb required. This kit includes all the supplies to get you on your way to a beautiful low-maintenance living environment. All this glass terrarium needs is a few plants and your unbridled creativity! Get your hands a little dirty and let your imagination run wild.

For Tea Lovers:

Loose Leaf Tea: We have a large variety of high quality loose leaf teas. There is a tea flavor for everyone ranging from spice to fruity vibes! Loose Leaf tea is a perfect match for that tea lover!
Sugar Cubes Mini Flight Sampler: Our Sugar Cubes Mini Flight Sampler features a delicious variety of flavors for any occasion. Enjoy the rich flavors of chai molasses, organic ginger, caramel vanilla, and rose cardamom in these all-natural, mini sugar cubes. Perfect for adding sweetness to tea, coffee, and more.
Mugs: You can never go wrong with a mug. Especially for those who are tea and coffee connoisseurs. Simple as that!

For Everyone:

Merch: Hand pressed by the Viridian staff ourselves! We have perfected a variety of crewnecks, sweatshirts, and tees! 
Candles: It is scientifically proven that everyone loves a candle (don’t worry about fact checking this). With an array of holiday scents, it is nearly impossible to not find a scent for the person you’re shopping for!
Self-Care: Show your loved ones (and yourself) that you prioritize their self-care! Taking care of yourself is ensuring that you have the energy to enjoy the festive moments.

Stocking Stuffers:

Plant Animals: You need friends and so do your plants. For that lonesome loved one, slip a little buddy into their stocking! 
Tea Infuser: A simple way to promote and encourage relaxation. A tea infuser is applicable at all times of the day. Wake up with morning tea or have one before going to bed. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved one to show that you care about their well-being.
Jewelry: Small treasures added to the stocking will add great personality to future outfits. 

Still Unsure?

Gift Card: We have quite the selection and this gift guide doesn’t even cover a small fraction of our inventory. Take ease in gifting a gift card so your loved one can do the hard-work for you!

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